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9. Vietnamese twin Duc to lecture in Hiroshima

One of the Vietnamese twins who was born conjoined to his brother has been appointed visiting professor of a university in Hiroshima, Japan.

Nguyen Duc was born with his lower body connected to his brother. The condition is believed to have been caused by a toxic defoliant used by the United States military during the Vietnam War.

In 1988, at age 7, the twins were successfully separated after a surgery conducted by a team of Japanese and Vietnamese doctors.

Duc now works at the hospital in Vietnam where the surgery took place.

He met the Japanese Imperial Couple when they visited Vietnam early this month.

Duc will serve as a visiting professor at Hiroshima International University starting in April. He will lecture on peace and the importance of life.

A university staff member says Duc showed his eagerness to teach in Japan when he gave a talk on the serious effects of defoliant in Hiroshima in October.

Duc plans to visit the university several times a year to give lectures based on his experiences.