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8. Possible remains of ferry victim found

South Korean officials say remains presumed to be those of one of the missing victims of the Sewol ferry sinking have been found.

The Oceans and Fisheries Ministry said on Tuesday that 6 pieces of bone were found on the deck of a vessel transporting the Sewol. The remains could have fallen from the ferry as water and mud drained out of its hull.

Families of missing victims at a nearby port expressed shock upon hearing the news. A short while earlier, they prayed on the transporter's deck that their loved ones would be found.

All operations on the transporter have been suspended for a search of the deck.

Workers were preparing to move the ferry to the port of Mokpo about 90 kilometers away after the ship was raised on Friday.

The Sewol sank off the country's southern coast in April 2014. The disaster, one of South Korea's worst ever, left 295 people dead and 9 missing. Most of the victims were high school students.