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8. UN: Yemen faces world's worst humanitarian crisis

The United Nations is appealing for over 2 billion dollars in aid for Yemen. It says the country is facing the world's largest humanitarian crisis.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres addressed a UN aid conference in Geneva on Tuesday. The participants discussed the severe food shortages caused by the prolonged civil war.

Guterres said nearly 19 million people, or two-thirds of Yemen's population, need humanitarian assistance. He called on the international community to provide a total of 2.1 billion dollars in aid.

The UN says more than 460,000 children in Yemen are severely malnourished and are at risk of dying from hunger.

Japan's Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Motome Takisawa, said the Japanese government will provide 62 million dollars for Yemen. He said he hopes the UN meeting will help to raise awareness of the serious humanitarian crisis in the country.

Government and rebel forces in Yemen have been fighting for more than 2 years. Rebels have seized the capital Sanaa and wide areas of the north. Food production and distribution have been severely disrupted.