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8. Koala chills out in air-conditioned car

Footage of a wild koala making itself at home in the back seat of an air-conditioned car has gone viral.

A winemaker in southern Australia found the animal sitting inside his vehicle on Monday when he returned from his work in the vineyard.

The man filmed the encounter and posted it on Facebook. It shows the animal digging its claws into the seat, while the man is trying to give it some water and talking to it.

When the man touched the animal's back to urge it to leave, it jumped out of the car and climbed up a tree.

The country is still experiencing high temperatures even though it is now autumn in the southern hemisphere. The day's high topped 29 degrees Celsius.

Some of the people who viewed the footage posted comments about how the animal must have been enjoying the comfort of the air conditioning.

A spokesperson for the department for the environment said a rolled-up newspaper or umbrella should have been used to get the animal out of the car. The official advised people against pulling a wild animal or attempting to pat it.