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8. 3 men facing terrorism charges in Australia

Australia's police say 3 men are facing terrorism charges for allegedly plotting a mass-casualty attack in Melbourne. Authorities say the men were Australian citizens inspired by the Islamic State militant group.

They believe the men were trying to get ahold of a semi-automatic gun and had a specific kind of attack in mind.

Police say they do not believe this plot is connected to an assault that took place earlier this month but say it encouraged the 3 men to step up their own planning.

In the earlier attack, one man was stabbed to death and 2 others were injured in an act police say was inspired by the militant group.

The attacker had also set fire to a truck with gas cylinders. He was shot dead by police.

Australia has been keeping an eye out for attacks by militant supporters.

Officials say since 2014, nearly 100 people have been charged in counterterrorism investigations.