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8. Crown Prince gives video lecture for UN meeting

Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito says he will keep working with people around the world to solve various problems related to water.

The Crown Prince made the comment in a video lecture in English. It was shown at the opening ceremony of the Third UN Special Thematic Session on Water and Disasters at the UN headquarters in New York on Thursday.

He also gave lectures at the 2 previous sessions of the conference.

The Crown Prince referred to a levee constructed in the 16th century by Shingen Takeda, a warlord in central Japan.

The Crown Prince explained that the levee uses natural terrain to disperse the flow of water to prevent floods. He said that people did not challenge the force of water, but made use of it.

The Crown Prince pointed out that making full use of such lessons and science and technology will open a new path towards the common dream of eradicating poverty and achieving regional stability.