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6. US helping countries implement N.Korea sanctions

The United States is helping the Philippines and Vietnam to strengthen their maritime surveillance capabilities in an effort to steadily implement UN Security Council sanctions on North Korea.

US Defense Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Derek Maurer made the remark in a speech in Washington on Monday. He said the biggest issue is North Korea's nuclear and missile development.

Maurer said the US is making efforts to help other countries so that the international community can carry out UN resolutions. He referred to strengthening surveillance of ships with links to North Korea. He pointed out that the trade routes of these vessels include the waters of the Philippines and Vietnam.
He said the US has started to provide support to the 2 countries. He also indicated that the US is to cooperate with other countries in this respect.

In the meeting, the US State Department Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Phillip Dolliff stressed the importance of cutting off sources of funds for North Korea's weapons of mass destruction programs. He added that Washington is focusing its efforts on having partner countries strengthen such capacities.

Dolliff also revealed that US attaches importance to Southeast Asia. It plans to hold briefing sessions for governments and private businesses in the region on how to avoid becoming involved in evading UN sanctions on North Korea.