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6. Moon's approval rating rises after summit with Kim

A survey shows that South Korean President Moon Jae-in got a lift in his approval rating thanks to his 3rd summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The poll taken by Gallup Korea from Tuesday to Thursday showed that Moon's rating surged 11 points from last week, to 61 percent.

Forty percent of the respondents said Moon's 3-day visit to Pyongyang through Thursday and his summit with Kim led to progress in inter-Korean relations.

Public support for Moon had been declining since July due to growing dissatisfaction among small businesses over his decision to raise minimum wages.

Early this month, Moon's rating hit 49 percent, the lowest since he took office in May last year.

Thirty percent of the poll respondents said they do not support the president, with nearly half of them citing tough employment conditions and lack of improvement in their daily lives.

Analysts say Moon lacks a decisive economic policy, and that his ratings may drop again if no progress is made in inter-Korean relations and the North's denuclearization.