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6. First injury from Kilauea eruption reported

The first known injury resulting from the eruption of Kilauea volcano has been reported in Hawaii. The volcano continues to erupt and spew molten rock.

Local authorities say a man, who lives in a residential area east of the volcano, was on his balcony on Saturday when lava spatter hit his leg. He was seriously injured.

The US Geological Survey says that lava is still spewing out from fissures, and that some has reached the ocean on the east side of Hawaii Island.

Since the eruption occurred on May 3rd, about 40 buildings and other structures have been destroyed. Some 2,000 people have sought shelter.
Toxic sulfur dioxide gas from the eruption continues to be detected in some areas. State authorities have ordered additional evacuations.

Officials are urging people to exercise extreme caution, as the situation could change rapidly and larger eruptions could occur.