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6. Netanyahu: US Embassy to be moved this year

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suggested the US Embassy will be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the end of this year. But US President Donald Trump has denied Netanyahu's remarks.

Trump last month recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and said he will move the US Embassy there.

Israeli media said on Wednesday that Netanyahu told reporters in India "The US Embassy will be moved far faster than what we think... in the course of the year."

In a Reuters interview on Wednesday, Trump denied that the planned relocation would take place within a year.

The US State Department suggested the move would take time, and told NHK they're still looking for a construction site.

Some media reports suggest the US could partially transfer embassy functions to its consulate in Jerusalem before building the new embassy.

Observers believe that following such media reports, Netanyahu apparently wanted to appeal to his supporters the progress of the relocation plan.