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5. Tiananmen protest march held in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong have staged a rally ahead of next month's 28th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown in Beijing.

The civic group that organized the annual rally said about 1,000 people took part in Sunday's demonstration. The group's members include people who took part in protests in Hong Kong in 1989 to support the pro-democracy movement.

The participants demanded a re-evaluation of the incident that the Chinese government described as a riot by a small number of students. They also protested the Chinese authorities' clampdown on human rights lawyers and activists under President Xi Jinping's leadership.

A Hong Kong non-profit group says more than 200 lawyers and activists were questioned or detained by the police in 2015.

It says 5 of them were given jail terms, including a prominent lawyer who was charged with attempting subversion and sentenced to 7 years. It says 6 others remain in custody.

The group notes that, in an increasing number of cases, the Chinese authorities are charging people with plotting or inciting subversion.

It also criticizes the authorities' grueling interrogation methods.

A man in his 20s said it's unjust that the Chinese authorities are using laws to control people instead of protecting human rights.