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4. Spain to expel N.Korean ambassador

Spain has decided to expel North Korea's ambassador in response to Pyongyang's repeated ballistic missile launches and nuclear tests.

Spain's foreign ministry announced on Monday that it has declared the ambassador persona non grata and asked him to leave by the end of September.

The ministry said North Korea's actions are in violation of UN Security Council resolutions and threaten regional peace and global security.

The Spanish government expelled a North Korean diplomat in August following a ballistic missile launch. It warned Pyongyang that bilateral ties could be affected if the country continues its provocative acts.

Kuwait also announced that it has ordered North Korea's ambassador to leave the country, citing Pyongyang's repeated acts in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

The Kuwaiti foreign ministry says it has downgraded the North Korean diplomatic representation to charge d'affaires level.

Kuwait hosts North Korea's sole embassy in the Gulf region. Thousands of North Koreans work in the country as laborers.

Last month, Kuwait stopped issuing entrance visas for North Korean workers.

The United States is calling on countries to sever diplomatic and financial ties with Pyongyang.