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3. US looking into militants' alleged chlorine use

US Secretary of State John Kerry says the government is looking into a media report that Islamic State militants have used chlorine gas in Iraq.

Kerry was referring to a story in Thursday's Washington Post that the militants allegedly used the toxic gas on the battlefield last month.

The US newspaper says 11 Iraqi police officers suddenly complained of dizziness and difficulty in breathing on September 15th and that they were rushed to a hospital.

It says they were fighting Islamic State militants near the central Iraqi city of Balad. It quoted one of the officers as saying that there was a strange explosion and they saw yellow smoke in the sky just before they fell ill.
The paper says doctors who treated the officers said there was no question chlorine gas was to blame.
And an Iraqi defense ministry official confirmed the use of the gas.

The article also says that Iraqi forces reported 2 other chlorine attacks since the extremists seized large areas of the country this summer.

Kerry said that these allegations are extremely serious and the US is seeking additional information in order to confirm them.