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3. Probe finds KAL jet's turbine severely damaged

Experts investigating a jet that caught fire at Tokyo's Haneda Airport say some engine turbines were severely damaged.

Flames erupted from the left engine of Korean Air flight 2708 during take-off on Friday. It was bound for Gimpo Airport in Seoul.

All 319 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 777 were evacuated.

Investigators from the government's Transport Safety Board examined the damaged engine on Saturday.

They found some of the fast-rotating turbines in the back of the engine were badly broken. More than one of small blades attached to the turbines were broken and pieces were scattered.

They say some of the pieces burst through the external casing.

Investigator Takeshi Taniguchi says that the blades broke in succession, then flew off.

He says the blades moving with a lot of energy resulting from high speed rotations could have destroyed the casing.