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3. Japan to study effects of bombing shock waves

Japan's Defense Ministry will establish a facility to conduct research into injuries and other medical problems caused by shock waves produced by bombs. The facility will also try to develop protective gear.

The ministry says many US troops who came under bomb attacks during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan suffered internal damage. It says this happened even when soldiers had no external wounds.

The ministry adds that Japanese Self-Defense Forces personnel could experience similar problems if they are sent overseas.

That has led the ministry to set up a new facility at the National Defense Medical College. It could open as soon as next April.

The facility will have equipment that can generate shock waves similar to those caused by bombs.

The ministry plans to start experiments at the facility in 2017 to develop cures as well as protective clothes and helmets for shock waves.

A ministry official says the new facility will look into possible connections between shock waves and health problems such as memory disorders.