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3. Takata airbag recalls in Japan top 2.6 million

Car makers are recalling more than 2.6 million vehicles in Japan equipped with Takata airbags.

Toyota and Daihatsu told the transport ministry on Thursday that they are recalling about 67,000 cars, including 3 Toyota models and one Daihatsu.

The vehicles were made from December 2002 to March 2004. The 2 makers are to replace parts free of charge starting Friday.

In Japan about 2.54 million cars of 10 makers had been subject to the recall. With Thursday's announcement, the number exceeded 2.6 million cars made by 11 firms.

Takata airbags are at risk of emitting metal shrapnel when they deploy. No personal injuries have been reported in Japan.

Transport ministry officials have received a report that during scrapping of a car in central Japan this month, a Takata airbag not covered by the recall emitted metal fragments when activated.

The ministry has instructed Takata and car makers to examine products not subject to the recall.