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3. Israel air raids on Gaza

Israeli aircraft bombed the Gaza Strip early on Saturday.

It was the first air raid on the Palestinian enclave since the start of the ceasefire in August between Israel and Hamas.

The attack on the southern Gaza Strip hit a Hamas installation. No reports of damage were immediately available.

The Israeli military says it conducted the air strike in response to a rocket attack earlier on Friday from Gaza into southern Israel. The rocket attack caused no injuries.

Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner says Israel will not permit any attempt to undermine the nation's security. Lerner says Hamas is responsible for the rocket attack.

Observers say the Israeli air strike is likely to inflame tensions in the region.

They point to rising frustration among Palestinians over delays in reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, 4 months after the start of the ceasefire. The area was heavily damaged in fighting with Israel.

Hamas has staged mass rallies and test-fired rockets into the Mediterranean Sea.