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3. US warns N.Korea not to conduct nuclear test

The US government has warned North Korea not to conduct another nuclear test, saying the United States, Japan and South Korea will counter any provocative actions.

South Korea's Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that it has confirmed increased activity at the location of the North's 3 previous nuclear tests. The Poongkye-ri test site is in the northeastern part of the country.

A defense ministry spokesperson said the North could carry out a surprise nuclear test within a short period.

US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday that the US is closely monitoring the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

She said the US government continues to urge North Korea to refrain from actions that threaten regional peace and security.

Psaki added that the United States will cooperate closely with Japan and South Korea to fulfill its defense commitments to its allies.

US President Barack Obama begins a visit to Japan on Wednesday and will travel to South Korea on Friday.