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2. Maduro re-elected as Venezuela president

Venezuela's electoral council says incumbent President Nicolas Maduro has won a second term in Sunday's election.

The council declared Maduro's victory late on Sunday. The main challenger was the former governor of the state of Lara, Henri Falcon, who called for improving ties with the international community.

The anti-US leftist Maduro has become increasingly dictatorial at a time when hyperinflation and shortages of daily goods are causing political and economic turmoil. An estimated 1.5 million people have fled to neighboring countries.

Amid growing calls for his resignation, Maduro caught the opposition off guard by holding the snap election, which was initially scheduled for December.

Main opposition parties boycotted the vote, saying a fair election could not be held under an increasingly dictatorial president.

The United States and neighboring countries had also called for a fair election in Venezuela. They are expected to increase pressure on the Maduro administration.