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2. DP leader Renho poised to replace Noda

The leader of Japan's main opposition Democratic Party, Renho, is poised to replace Secretary General Yoshihiko Noda to rejuvenate the party.

The Democratic Party only won 5 seats in the Tokyo metropolitan assembly election early this month, down by 2 from the pre-election 7 seats. In a session to look back on the outcome of the polls, some participants called on party executives to step down to take responsibility.

In view of such calls, Renho is poised to replace Noda, who has been in charge of supervising day-to-day operations. Noda's resignation is expected to be announced at a meeting of party lawmakers, scheduled for Tuesday next week to review the Tokyo election.

Renho previously planned to keep Noda in office while reshuffling party executives shortly before the Diet reconvenes in autumn.

But given growing discontent among party members, she apparently determined that Noda should be replaced.

Noda's successor has yet to be decided.