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2. Trump says tariffs on Chinese goods may stay

US President Donald Trump says the US may keep tariffs on Chinese goods for a substantial period until it confirms that Beijing complies with any trade agreement.

The US government has imposed tariffs on 250 billion dollars' worth of imports from China. The question now is whether Washington would lift the tariffs in the event it reaches a trade deal with Beijing.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Trump said US authorities are talking about leaving tariffs on Chinese goods for a substantial period of time because they have to make sure that if they do the deal, China lives by it.

Some US media outlets report concern over the outlook for US-China trade talks, as the US stance of not lifting the tariffs is leading China to harden its attitude.

The two countries plan to hold ministerial talks in Beijing starting next week.

Observers say prolonged trade frictions could escalate the slowdown of the global economy.