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1. Kishida believed to agree to cooperate with Abe

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has met Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida apparently to seek Kishida's continued cooperation in running the administration. The foreign minister is believed to have conveyed his intention to support the prime minister.

They met for 2 hours on Thursday, and are believed to have discussed the planned reshuffles of Abe's Cabinet and party leadership.

Abe is making final adjustments to a plan to simultaneously reshuffle his Cabinet and the leadership of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party on August 3rd. The term of the LDP executives expires in September.

The meeting came amid a drop in the public support rate for Abe's Cabinet. The Liberal Democrats suffered a historic loss in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election earlier this month.

Kishida has served as foreign minister since 2012 when Abe returned to power as prime minister after regaining the government from the Democratic Party in a general election.

Kishida has reportedly expressed his willingness to succeed Abe. Attention is focused on Abe's treatment of Kishida in the upcoming reshuffles.