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1. Financial leaders release statement

Finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of 20 economies have released a statement to wrap up 2 days of talks in Argentina.

In the communique published on Tuesday, they say the global economic outlook has continued to improve since they last met in October 2017.

They say recent market volatility despite the global economy's sound fundamentals is a reminder of risks and vulnerabilities.

On trade, they reaffirmed the conclusions of the G20 summit in Germany last July, in which they said they would "continue to fight protectionism, including all unfair trade practices."

The financial leaders, however, recognize the need for further dialogue and actions. They say they are working to strengthen the contribution of trade to the global economy.

They also called for international rules on cryptocurrencies. They say such currencies raise issues involving consumer and investor protection, money laundering and terrorist financing. They say, at some point, crypto assets "could have financial stability implications."

Speaking to reporters, Argentine Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne said the delegates spoke in general terms on trade, and expected US tariffs on steel and aluminum imports were not directly discussed.