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1. Massive anti-Mugabe rally in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe is under immense pressure to step down as tens of thousands of people rallied against him in the capital, Harare.

Mugabe has been under house arrest in an apparent coup by the military. But he is reportedly refusing to resign.

On Saturday, Harare's main streets were jammed by a crowd of people calling for the ouster of Mugabe, who has been in power for nearly 4 decades.

Such a large scale protest is extremely rare in Zimbabwe as Mugabe has clamped down on any attempt to challenge his government.

An NHK crew arrived in the South African country on Saturday.

Protesters marched through the streets while chanting anti-Mugabe slogans. Some were speaking to soldiers and offering to shake their hands in a bid to thank them for standing up against the long-time ruler.

One of the protesters said people have been suffering under Mugabe's autocratic rule. He said this is effectively Independence Day for Zimbabwe as people in the country are finally able to speak out.

Lawmakers both from opposition and ruling parties are stepping up pressure on Mugabe. Observers say it is now inevitable for him to resign as president.